Recruitment Process

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Notes for interview and exams

For the Visa to come to China
This is the first step to come to China once you have confirmed your trip with us. Chinese Visa will normally take about 2 weeks to get, please ask the Chinese embassy or visa agency to see what documents you need to do your visa, if invitation letter is needed from China, we will send it to you.
For ATPL Test:
It is very important to pass the ATPL written test the first time you take it. If you fail the first ATPL written test, you will have to wait 28 days to do it again. So its very important you spend your time to study the test in order to pass it the first time.
Our company will prepare the study material --ATPL book and a link of a website to take the simulated test questions.
For Medical check:
A healthy diet is very necessary for the medical checks in China, we will provide you a list of the medical check subjects, please feel free to ask us or your doctor if you have any questions.
During the medical check period, please eat healthy food, drink more water, no beer, no spicy food, eat more vegetables and garlic if you can.
Bring a set of sports clothes with you and a pair of running shoes.
Please make sure you have a good rest before coming to China.
For Company Simulator check:
You should wear formal clothes for the simulator check. You should arrive simulator center in advance of 30 minutes before your check time. The check airman always focus on SOP and Flight skill. He may put multi-malfunctions together and also he want you to finish the whole procedure ASAP
For CAAC Simulator check:
After you successfully passed CAAC SIM check you will get Chinese ATP license
For the other notes:
Please feel free to contact the person who is in charge of the company which you want to join