A320 Captain – Capital Airlines

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Position: A320 CAPTAIN
Base:  Beijing, Xian, Guangzhou, Sanya, Haikou and Hangzhou
Contact: Yufeng Consulting
Email address: yufeng@chinaaviationjob.com  
Mobile: +86 181 1716 9909
Whatsapp: +86 181 1716 9909
Wechat: yufengconsult


Founded in November 16, 1998, Capital Airlines always implements the philosophy of Safety and security is lifeline”  It gains strong capability and profound experience to handle challenges and emergencies by paying a great attention to security management. As of today, BCA has already possesses 73 aircrafts, among which 71 are A319/A320/A321, 10 are A330.

Working Option 1 2 3
Commuting Pattern 91 vacation days per year 121 vacation days per year 182 vacation days per year
Paid Sick Leave 7 days of paid sick leave and one additional day of paid sick leave per year after renewal
Flying Hours per Year 680 600 470
Basic Monthly Salary 16,000 USD/month 15,000 USD/month 12,000 USD/month
Yearly OT 200 USD/hour: between 1 and 100 hours / 300 USD/hours: 101+hours
Monthly Allowance  17,500 RMB 8,400 RMB 7,000 RMB
Annual Completion  12,000 USD 10,000 USD 7,000 USD
Safety Bonus 10,000 USD/year 8,000 USD/year 6,000 USD/year
Travel Allowance (paid every 6 months)  5,000 USD*2 4,000 USD*2 3,000 USD*2
Education Allowance for Children 

7,000 RMB/month

Renewal Bonus 150,000 RMB
Ticket Benefit  Unlimited staff ID tickets
Training Pay Ground training – 60% monthly salary / Line training – 70% monthly salary
Health Insurance Provided by the airline
Disablement Insurance  50% of premium covered by the airline
Instructor Allowance  Instructor A: 500 USD/month – Instructor B: 1,000 USD/month – Instructor C: 1,500 USD/month
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Title  Captain
Total Flight Hours  3000 +
Type Rated Hours PIC 1000+ On type
Last Flight on Type Within 12 months
ATPL Valid
Age Less than 55 years old
ICAO English Level 4 or above
Medical Certificate  First Class
Passport  Valid for at least 12 month
History of Criminal Act No
History of incidents and Accidents No



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