The CV is your first contact with the airline and you have to take care with the form and content, nothing is overlooked.

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The aviation industry is changing, and we have to be able to take advantage of the circumstances to update ourselves, improving our professional skills and updating them in our CV.


Some of the things NOT to do:

  • Check your contact information and don´t include tasteless personal emails.
  • Regarding social networks, be careful it there is any personal data, compromised or misinterpreted photo that you don´t want that the airline could see. If so, we recommend that you review the privacy of your accounts.
  • It isn´t necessary to include a copy of your documents in the application until the airline asks for it.
  • When the recruiter asks for these documents, don´t send an email per document, this will give him a lot of extra work.
  • Remember to keep a pdf format if you don´t specify a specific one on the airline.
  • Don´t apply for job offers in which you don´t meet the requirements to try your luck.
  • Check that the spelling is correct.
  • If English isn´t your native language, ask someone who is an expert to review the data.
  • Don´t include irrelevant information. You don´t need to describe non-aviation jobs.
  • Check that the dates are correct and all the data is correct. A small error can lead to misunderstandings and if it is discovered it gives a very bad image.
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Some airlines may not request your CV, but instead have you fill out an application form that will include the only fields they need to evaluate your experience. In this case the required fields will surely be those detailed above.


Add a photo to your CV? Don´t take any risks and only include a passport photo with your uniform, don´t smile too much but don´t look angry either. Try to convey seriousness, professionalism and appear friendly.


We hope this information helps you, we wish you good luck in your job search and success!


And remember that if you are considering applying to an airline in China, CONTACT US and we will make sure that your probability of getting the job is maximized.

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